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What is Trauma Informed Mediation?

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Defining a new way of thinking

Conflict is endemic to human history. While patterns of conflict and conflict resolution have remained constant for millinia and across cultures, newer concepts for understanding the brain have emerged to impact how we understand human behavior. Using basic concepts in neuroscience (such as the impact of trauma on a person's brain),  the mediation process can be elevated and enhanced to best meet the needs of the participants, and to understand why they might be behaving in specific ways.  Trauma Informed Mediation connects new scientific research with old ideas  to effectively guide people through the mediation process. 


What is Trauma Informed

Trauma informed is a practice framework based on, an understanding and responsiveness to the impact of trauma and emphasizing physical, psychological and emotional safety for both providers and survivors. Trauma informed does not mean acknowledging or treating the trauma, it means comprehending that negative behavior might be the result of trauma.

What is Trauma Informed Mediation?

Trauma informed mediation is simply implementing best practices from a trauma informed framework into the mediation process. Understanding basic concepts about the brain, triggers related to trauma, and common behavior associated with trauma offers a mediator an opportunity to guide the mediation in a more impactful, compassionate and effective way.